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CDSEOPRO License Error

Invalid License! The software is not licensed for
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Frequently Asked Licensing Questions

Why am I seeing this?

You're using our CDSEOPRO module to improve your online store. The module is licensed on a per-domain basis using Ioncube and a key file to authorize the software on your store. Without Ioncube and a proper key file, the software will not function, which is what you're experiencing now.

What is Ioncube?

Ioncube is a leading PHP encoder used by software companies to license their software. Ioncube is available by default on the majority of major web-hosting providers. More information can be found at

OK, so what do I do next?

The exact details of the problem are listed above in the red box. Once the problem is corrected, the software will function.

How do I locate my key file?

If purchased directly from WebsiteCM, you can locate your key file in your MY WCM account under the Licenses section. If purchased from one of our resellers, contact them directly to request your key file.

Can I just purchase installation?

Of course, you can purchase professional installation at anytime and have us take care of everything. Installation would be completed within two business days.

I have no idea what all this means - help!

Don't panic. Head over to our support desk and submit a ticket or consider purchasing installation.

Illegal Usage

Attempts to steal or reverse engineer this software will result in the contacting of the legal department of the domains web host requesting the removal of the software from the offending server.

The official license holder will be contacted in cases where their licenses is being used in violation of the software License Agreement.